Our Story

Petrozen Service station is situated at Voi Junction along the Mombasa/Nairobi Highway. Launched in 2005 and leased to be Energy in 2012, The station has been guided by the leadership of the able Mr. Mohamed Abubakar as the Director, into a leading industry option.

  • Over the past decade, we have aspired to be a reputable Fueling & Gas station, equipping our facility with up-to-date technologies and building our Human resource capacity in order to meet client demands.
  • Continuously providing the best of fueling, shopping, and Dining experiences for traveler s and visiting residents as well.

15 years of Excellence!


Overall rebrand Of BE and local expansion of the BE Petrozen station with additional units, services and Human resource.


Lease to Be-Energy and continued operating as Bakri Station.


Started off as a private entity bearing the Name Petrozen.

Why us?

Wide range of professional auto services: tire change, oil change, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, puncture repair, spare parts, greasing, air pressure check & much more.
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