Utamu na Raha!

Talk of Mlo Mtaamu, Kwa Bei Nafuu. Welcome and Enjoy Tasty Stuff by Tamrah Cafe. Check in for a drink, a bite, a quick snack a heavy meal, a weekend out with friend and family at our awesome budget friendly Tamrah Cafe.

“Experience Our Taste.
Taste is Our Experience.”

Mlo Mtaaamu , Kwa Bei Nafuu!


For Healthier and More comprehensive meals, You can find, Beef stews & Wet Fries, Pepper Steaks, Pilau, alongside any accompaniments of Choice such as Ugali, White Rice & Roast Potatoes 


Enjoy a range of snack options including, burgers, hotdogs, fries, samosas, meat pies alongside options of cold drinks such as sodas and fresh juices plus diverse beverages e.g. coffee, regular and special tea, dawaa, espresso, cappuccino and much more. 

tamrah combo

This is a must-have dish at Tamrah. A special package that comprises of our fleshy burger, Chapatti rolls, Chicken, Salads, and amazing Sauces best accompanied with refreshing cold drinks or the Tamrah Dawaa!


Our Chefs are ready to do your Taste Buds some justice! Welcome today


  • We deliver within VOI CBD
  • tamrah@be-petrozen.com
  • 078-3333335

  • 15min-30min Delivery window