Congolese Ultramarathon Runner Francois Msafiri reached Voi , Taita Taveta county on 5th June, under 36 hrs of non-stop running in which he aimed raising awareness for the Refugees in the country from the event that he started on Friday 6:30 am from Nairobi – Mombasa .
The runner captured the attention of Be Energy management led by Director Mohammed Sheik voi Branch Taita Taveta county who offered the team an evening meal in his first stop since he kickstarted the race from Nairobi headed to Mombasa .
The Be Energy management in voi said they are willing to sponsor Francois in his objectives so that he can achieve his goals as they were aware when he came earlier to Taita Taveta to source for sponsors before COVID 19 pandemic struck .
A section of the accompanying team alongside Be-Petrozen voi staff during a press briefing.
The ultramarathon runner resumed his running at 7:30pm heading to his final destination Mombasa county at the Governors office.

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