Petrozen Service station is situated at Voi Junction along the Mombasa/Nairobi Highway opposite Total and next to Shell. Petrozen was launched in 2005 and leased to be Energy in 2012. Over the past decade, we have aspired to be a reputable Fueling & Gas station, equipping with up-to-date technologies and building our Human resource capacity in order to meet client demands. As a result, we have also diversified in our specialities in order to accommodate extra-but relevant needs, ultimately establishing a on-stop, multi-purpose facility in that regard. Here is a summary of why you ought to choose BE-Petrozen Voi.

1. Pure fuel regulated by ERC and regularly checked by SGS.

2. Accurate calibration (1 litre is 1,000 millilitres) controlled by Weights & Measures Agency. Clients are also welcome to check at any given time.

3. 24/7 CCTV surveillance software you can view your trucks being fuelled at any given time.

4. Specific separate pump for billed clients to curb theft collusion by drivers and pump attendants

5. Statements in PDF and Excel formats sent via email.

6. Very high availability of stocks

7. High speed pumps

8. 15 years of experience

9. Excellent atmosphere with our Tamrah Restaurant for fast foods as well as fine dining

10. Large spacious premises for easy drive in and adequate parking

11. Additional facilities for travellers: bus booking offices, chemist, mini mart, mpesa, ablution and prayer tent for worshippers

12. Wide range of professional auto services: tyre change, oil change, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, puncture repair, spare parts, greasing, air pressure check, etc.

13. We have sufficient Human Resource Capacity.

14. We are BE-Petrozen.

15. Yaaanii… We are just BE-PETROZEN- A Fine Spot For Everyone.


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